How to Use TikTok To Market Your Music

Hey, we have a marketing idea we thought we'd run past you.

Nobody is doing this.

So before we give it to you, think about how Soulja Boy was originally discovered.

What he did was, he named his songs after top hits people were searching for on Myspace.

So when a person searched for a popular song, his song ended up playing.

You can do this thing on TikTok, with a little twist.

TikTok has a music library where creators source popular sound effects and songs for videos.

You can flood TikTok's music library with songs and beats that match what people search.

So if a person searches "Motivational Instrumental" or "Motivational Song", your music will appear.

This is an easy way for people to:

  1. Discover you

  2. Get your music behind viral videos

Nobody is doing this so we figured we'd share this gem with you.

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