Roles Played: UI, Interaction Design, Sales Presentation design, Modifying flow

Project done in 2016

People hate registering their warranties. Our old process of faxing or uploading online made customers go out of their way to register their products. A team launched Text to Register with one of our other clients, I was lead on getting it launched with one of our clients, Consumer goods. Taking lead on the project required ensuring the decisions made for our previous client were applicable for Consumer goods. 


This process allows users to register before they even leave the parking lot with their major purchases. There were a handful of differences between the original use case and the Consumer goods use case. I collaborated with our technology partners to ensure they had what they needed, and with our clients. I specifically focused on animations between screens and visual design for this project, as the experience of texting to register had been thoroughly tested with previous clients. 


One key deliverable was the animation of the receiving of the receipt. 

Text to register has launched in every Home Depot and has been successful.


Some details have been omitted due to client restraints.